Spend more time with your students and less time creating assessments

Easy Embed and Import

Plan, create, and share questions simply. Easily embed assessments on any webpage, including into Canvas. Student’s scores can be automatically imported into their online gradebook. It’s the most convenient way to assess your students.

Quality Assessments

The collaborative nature of open source means that you have access to the best questions for your students. Learn from other teachers to see what you can do in your own classroom. With over 40 courses available, you’re sure to find the right assessments for your students.

Powerful Analytics

The more data you have, the better teacher you can be. Get insights at a glance about what your students know and compare how they rank in relation to other students.

Freedom from Publishers

Good education shouldn’t have to cost a lot. Free yourself from publishers price tags and limited resources and go open source for a continually updated library of questions. Your students and their wallets will thank you.

Over 40 Subjects Available

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